Manufacturers of Ferron TMT Rebars


V.V. Iron & Steel Co. Pvt. Ltd. is part of the IMC Group. The company is in the business of manufacturing TMT Rebars of FE500 Grade and marketing the same under the brand name of FERRON TMT FE 500 in South Tamil Nadu and in the State of Kerala. This is the first integrated steel plant to be set up in the region. The Company has setup an induction furnace with CCM for casting high quality billets and a high speed sophisticated rolling mill with a production capacity of 10000MT per month. World class quenching technology is used to produce high quality TMT Rebars of international standards. The company has obtained BIS License for making billets (IS2830) and IS 1786 for TMT Rebars. Additionally, the company has also been accredited ISO 9001 Certification by Perry Johnson Certification Agency as a proof of quality systems being followed by the company. The Company's motto is High Quality, Timely Service, Right Price and correct weight.

The company imports its raw material and after passing the most stringent tests for quality the raw materials are processed for production. At every stage of the production right from raw material to finished product stringent quality tests are conducted to ensure that the quality is maintained. The finished product is cut to 12 meter length and bent and staked for dispatch. Tags with details of size, date of production, lot no. are attached to every bundle and Test Certificate is issued with every consignment as proof of quality of the material.


FERRON STEEL is produced using the world’s most advanced technology. The bars are being successfully used in most parts of the developed world.


Ccm, Consistency, Locational Advantage, Excellent Service, Quality, Industry Standards, Bendability, Weldability, Corrosion, Earthquake & Fire Resistance.


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